The school is equipped with all the modern equipment’s which help the children to be up to date according to latest techniques and methods.

♦  Library:  Our library is a growing, evolving organism. Without change, the library will cease to be relevant. We have the 21st century academic library. Which includes over 400 books which are relevant for students according to their need and their understanding and referral books with Children encyclopedia for the teachers to understand the student’s behavior.

♦  Security: CCTV’s are installed in all the classrooms, common area, play area, gates, etc. to check the every moment of the school, and make it the safest place for the students. We also have various safety programmes and required equipment’s for natural and man-made disasters (Fire, earthquake, etc.)

♦  Transportation: We provide transportation for students within 3 Kms of radius, we have dedicated and trained drivers who help the students transfer safely from their home to school and vice-versa.

♦  Computer Lab: A dedicated computer lab with latest software and updated hardware to teach students all the basic techniques which help them in learning.